Speed Up Outreach With Bulk Email

Wow I hear you say, bulk mail? Yes bulk mail! Why Jamie?

It saves A LOT of time.

We only have so many hours in the day sadly, so I am always looking at ways to speed things up. As an SEO you most probably spend a lot of time outreaching to website owners and bloggers to get links. Are all these websites worth spending time tailoring an email to? Hell no.. some of them have fairly low metrics PR2-3 DA20 and your usually going to get the same response. (Note you can tailor emails slightly in bulk mail.)

“Hi thanks for getting in touch. Guest posts have an advertising fee of $100. If you wish to post please let me know.”


Where To Start

So where do you start with bulk Emailing for outreach? First separate your prospects list into high value and low value. I do this by quickly filtering out the domains that have a PageRank less than 4 / domain authority less than 40. Then I will quickly scan the URL’s to see if any stand out as ones I may want to go the extra mile and tailor an email to. (see my bulk metrics checker for PR/DA analysis.)


SendBlaster Time PING PING PING


That’s the software were going to be using to bulk email SendBlaster! You won’t need anything else other than an email account and be able to use SMTP. First off you need to prepare your prospects in your low value category ready to import into SendBlaster. So setup an Excel document with these column headers Email | Website | Name (if you don’t have the Name leave it out). Then fill in the fields for the prospects and save it in CSV format.

Next in SendBlaster go to “Manage Lists” under the lists and addresses tab and create a new list for this outreach campaign by clicking the + icon.

Then go to import, select the appropriate list you just created for this campaign, select import from external text file and click import.

Select the CSV file with your prospects in and click next. Then match the headers in the CSV with the appropriate headings in SendBlaster. So E-mail with Email, Website with Website, and Name with Name. Simple your imported!


Composing The Email

Time to compose the email. Go to “Compose Message” under the Messages tab. Just concern your self with the subject and main compose box. Fill in your subject and message. To include the persons name or website in the email use #name# and #website#. It acts as a mail merge function and will grab the name and website associated with that email you imported and insert it in place of the # tags.



Its that time. You have your contacts imported, email setup and just want to get these bloody emails out so you can concentrate on the higher value links. Go to “Send” under the messages category. Select the list you want to send the emails to and fill in your SMTP details. Make sure to use SMTP as direct sending will have a very low delivery rate. Take note of the advanced settings in the bottom left hand corner. Under the timing tab you want to set this to send out emails gradually so you don’t piss off your server provider or you email address gets marked as spam. I usually set it to send around 1 email every 30 seconds, that’s 120 emails an hour and 2,880 emails a day!


Bonus Tip

Its not always possible to get websites email so you may have a load of contact form URL’s your dreading about filling in. Don’t dread it! Use RoboForm! All it requires is one click and it will fill in a form with the preset template.

This post was by Jamie Knop

Jamie Knop is an online marketer from Chester, UK. He specializes in SEO through link building and technical analysis. Find out more here.

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  1. “120 emails an hour and 2,880 emails a day!”

    Do you use a separate mail server for sending out bulk emails?

  2. I have never sent out that many emails before, but it is possible.

    If you were to, you would need a dedicated email server I suspect.

  3. I would recommend using a separate domain and mail server when sending out bulk emails. You don’t want to risk getting your transactional emails (regular business emails to employees, partners customers etc etc .. not outreach) flagged because of sending too many outreach emails.

    My setup:

    name@mybusiness.com = regular business email that is mission critical (wouldn’t send bulk or outreach email from this domain and server in a million years)

    name@mybusinessmail.com = outreach email address. I send 200 a day (sendblaster). Has a different server IP and different domain name then my regular email. This domain name + email is expendable. If it get’s flagged I simply get another one.

  4. Yes I should of mentioned that Mark thanks for bringing that up.

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