Whose Behind SEO Weather?

jamie-knopSEO Weather was set up by me Jamie Knop (that guy to the right). I'm a 20 something-year-old living in Chester, UK hoping to live in a warmer climate one day. My blog is a place for me to write down what's in my head, engage with other SEO's and occasionally let off steam. There might not be content posted every week, or sometimes even every month, that's because I don't want to post for the sake of posting like I see a lot of blogs doing. If I feel I have something that could be valuable to others, or even something I personally want to reference to in the future myself, then I will post.

What's My Story?

Since I was 13 I've had an interest in the internet and how it works. I used to create websites for fun in notepad, yes FUN! My teenage life wasn't that dull honestly... most of it was spent down the local skatepark. After learning to code websites I continued exploring and developing my skills which included having a dabble in web design. I was forever changing my mind if I actually liked a certain design and a few weeks later I would likely change it so that wasn't for me...

When I left college I went to University and studied photography as it was something I loved to do and still do. After leaving University I worked in an advertising photography studio for two years which was a blast. Whilst working their the management of the website became part of my job because of my background. The website was just set up as a portfolio and no traffic that would bring in new clients came through it. So I began to do some research, I started reading articles, lurking in forums and decided to rebuild the website to drive traffic to it and bring in clients. A few months later the website was bringing in thousands of visitors from Google and getting daily requests for job quotes. It was at this point I thought to myself, maybe I can make some money myself on the side doing this? So I setup a few niche websites, put some Adsense ads up and not long after I was receiving monthly payments from Google and other advertisers.

A few months went by and my interest in online marketing was growing so I decided to look for local opportunities working as an SEO. I ended up moving to a local digital agency where I managed client campaigns in several industries. Whilst working there I was continuing to work on my own websites and freelancing in the evenings and on weekends. Soon enough I was working nearly every evening and weekend so decided I needed a better work-life balance. I quit my job and since then have been working on my own client websites and growing my own.


Want to connect? That's great, you can catch me on Twitter, Google+ or just send me an email to jamie@seoweather.com.