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Finding guest post opportunities can be drag especially if your doing it day in day out using the same methods. Luckily for you SEOmoz have just released a new tool called "Fresh Web Explorer". Its a tool for monitoring mentions of anything and everything from brand mentions to website mentions.

Guest Post Mentions

I thought why not use it for guest post mentions?! Its fast, its fresh its awesome! All you have to do is enter your search operator and click find mentions. I will run through the process I am using right now for prospecting guest post opportunities.

The Process

Head over to SEOmoz and go to the and you'll be presented with a form. You need to enter your search operators in here. As we are looking for guest post opportunities we want to use a guest post footprint e.g. "guest post" and a target keyword for our niche e.g. for a holiday company "holiday". The search operator would look like;

Guest Post AND Holiday

You can enter multiple search operators for even more opportunities. You can set how far back to look in the index for mentions also, so if you checking on a weekly basis set this to "last week". See image below for reference.

Fresh Web Explorer

From the graph you can see there are around 100 a day for "guest author" and 300 a day for "guest post". Now we are going to export them (click button top right) and open them in Excel.

The next stage you can do a number of ways, I use BuzzStream because its awesome. Once you have your CSV open clean it up a little. Delete the top 7 rows and just keep the URL and Domain columns. Next highlight both columns and under Data in Excel remove the duplicates. You will be left with the below. I get 735 opportunities from this.

Fresh Web Explorer

Next head over to BuzzStream and import the data as this is where you will do the filtering of page rank / domain authority + prospecting.

Once imported filter the prospects by Pagerank 1+ and Domain Authority 20+ to weed out the low authority websites.

Fresh Web Explorer buzzstream

All that's left to do now is go through the sites with the BuzzBar in BuzzStream. To do this select them all, and go to Research > Browse using BuzzBar. Manually review them, and contact the best sites.

Fresh Web Explorer buzzstream


Know your competitors are using Guest Posting as a link building tactic?

Use the search operator

This will bring back all the places your competitors are getting links.

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