10 Firefox Add-ons Every SEO & Link Builder Should Have

First of, I didn't pick 10 because it sounds like a good title, there just so happens to be 10! I am a big believer in saving time where ever possible, which is why I utilize all the FireFox add-ons available to me. This is a list I have curated over time, and every now and again I do come across others that help me so I will update this post with any new ones I discover. Some will be more specific to certain areas of SEO but mostly they will help you with link building and prospecting. Some I am sure you will have heard of before but I am also sure there will be some you wont of heard of. So without further ado lets go through them!


flem-firefox-add-onOk so Flem doesn't exactly sound great does it? But for prospecting it is! It lets you browse through a list of URLs with ease. You simply copy a list of URLs to your clipboard and paste them into to the Flem toolbar. Then Flem lets you go from one URL to the next by simply clicking next/previous. It's great for prospecting a list of URLs you might of scraped. It is similar to the BuzzBar from BuzzStream in many respects. The add-on will let you remove URLs you don't want in the list and also let you export them. Much better than copying and pasting each URL you want to look at in a list!

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The MozBar add-on is by the folks at Moz. It has a lot of useful features for when your "checking out" a website. You can easily view various metrics such as the Page Authority, Domain Authority and linking root domains to both the page and domain. These metrics can also be inserted into Google SERPs results for when your browsing which is handy. It also hosts a few other useful features such as highlighting followed links, nofollowed links, internal links, external links, keywords, displaying the server location and IP. There are also options for a more detailed view of the page elements, page attributes and link data.

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PageRank for FireFox


Ok I don't think this one needs much explaining.. You don't want to be building links on sites that have PR na/ or 0. This simple add-on will add a little box in your toolbar which will display the PageRank of the page your are currently on and all open tabs if need be. Just note that PageRank isn't the only metric you should be looking at for the quality of a site. You should be looking at Domain Authority from Moz, Trust Flow from Majestic, website design, website engagement and the backlink profile of the site.

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Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer


I personally like to check the credibility of a domain from various sources which is why I use the Majestic add-on. When on a page you can click the Majestic icon and it will load up a table with lots of data for you. I mainly use it to check the Trust Flow of a website as often Domain Authority and PageRank can be faked. I also use use it to quickly check the anchor text for the domain to make sure there are no weird viagra or dodgy backlinks.

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Find That Link


This add-on is by me and I have only just released it to so it is highly unlikely you have heard about it. This add-on will search a page for a link. The reason I built it was because I was doing a lot of unnatural backlink analysis and going through the backlinks manually can be a tedius job. One thing that was taking time was finding the link on the page. Often the pages were really long with lots of text and links so it could take sometime to look for the link. With this add-on you can just type in the root domain of the site you want to see links for, click next and it picks it up straight away for me or tells me there is not a link on the page for that domain.

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So hopefully you've heard about broken link building. This add-on will check a page for any broken links for you so you can alert the website owner and try and get a link for yourself. Any links that it finds are broken it will highlight them in red, any links that are ok it will highlight them in green. To get the screen shot above I actually found several broken links on this BBC page.

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Another time saver! Multilinks lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links all at the same time. No longer do you have to copy and paste dozens of links from a page. All you have to do is right drag over some links on a page and the links will be copied to your clipboard. An example of when you would use this is when a website has a list of useful sites you want to save for future use. Much simplier than using XPath to scrape links!

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LastPass Password Manager


Yes LastPass is primarily an add-on to manage your passwords which it is great at but it also can be used for automatically filling out forms on websites. You can set custom fields so you can highly tailor it to your requirements. It can be great for link removal projects where you are contacting many websites with similar information. One click all forms filled out!

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If you've not heard of Boomerang for Gmail then your going to love it! The key features are scheduling emails to be sent later and follow up reminders. Both of these features are crucial for link building. For example you are link building for an Australian company on .com.au, you don't want to be sending emails when people are not in the office because of the time difference. Otherwise when they get in to work and have dozens of emails they might think I haven't got the time to respond to them and delete your email. So its best to schedule the email for about 11am local time with Boomerang. The second feature being reminded when someone doesn't respond is EXTREMELY valuable. You don't have to keep track of follow ups Boomerang does it for you. I find I get an extra 10%-30% success rate by doing follow up emails so if you don't DO.

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Is great for optimising the speed of your website. You will need to install the add-on Firebug in order for YSlow to work. YSlow will analyse the page you are on for speed and give it a grade. It will give you many suggestions as to where you can improve the speed of the page looking at content, cookies, CSS, images, javascript and the server.

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If you have another add-on you think is highly useful that the above do not cover I'd love to here it and will add it to the list! Just comment below or shoot me an email at jamie@seoweather.com.

This post was by Jamie Knop

Jamie Knop is an online marketer from Chester, UK. He specializes in SEO through link building and technical analysis. Find out more here.

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  1. SEO doctor is very good firefox plugin too.

  2. Very useful article Jamie. I am a web designer who is expanding my services to include SEO. I am always curious to know what tools others use for SEO. The only tool that I use on your list is the Last Pass Password Manager. It is very handy to fill out forms when submitting clients business listing to directories. After reading your post, I have since added the Flem, it looks like a very useful tool.

    One of my favourite Firefox extensions that I use for SEO is Rank Checker from Aaron Wall of seobook.com. I have tried a few free rank checking tools and I find Rank Checker to be the most accurate.

  3. I will take a look cheers.

  4. Great post Jamie. I’d definitely have to add good old Firebug in there though. I’ve found disabling the CSS is great way to check whether search bots can see page elements and finding on-page errors.

    Anyway, great stuff!

  5. I agree Alex. I have Firebug also and prefer it to the built in code explorer in Firefox. On the last add-on I mentioned YSlow it actually requires you to have Firebug installed.

  6. Well, that was stupid of me! Great stuff anyway, you should think about doing a list of Chrome extensions too.

  7. I don’t really use Chrome Alex. Yet to be converted from Firefox! I was shocked when I saw Chrome is the most used browser now by far. I still thought Firefox was!

  8. Ah fair enough then! Yeah, something like 34% to 16% wasn’t it? Very unexpected…

  9. hi guys i used to use a add-on for filling forms and am not able to recall its name after system restore. It used to show a arrow/ Enter symbol and it used to show me text which i used to enter in that field. Plz help

  10. Not sure which you mean sorry Varshaan. Although I do recommend LastPass!

  11. Hi Jamie!

    You got a great list here! I actually like Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer. This is actually used to to check the credibility of a domain from various sources. I would recommend that others must also try this plugin. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  12. Thanks and I agree I think Majestic Trust Flow metric is superior to any of its competitors score metrics.

  13. Hi great suggestions thanks!

  14. Hello Jamie , Great post you have here, Great share, i agree with you these tools are quite hany when studying competitors.

    Great share!

    Best Regards,

  15. I can’t begin to tell you how much the lastpass addon has saved my life. I have no idea how I manged to work without it before:)

  16. Hi Jamie,
    I was reluctant to switch to Chrome as well. But once I did I have never looked back. Soooo much faster with downloads! I read somewhere that Firefox isn’t that compatible with windows 8. Not sure if that’s true or not.

    Thanks for the tips! I still use Firefox for my link building though 🙂

  17. I am using webrank stats mozilla ads on, which is very handy and saves lots of time while doing link building and other SEO Work. From the single adson you can find page rank,alexa,on page improvement factors,pages indexed in google, back link from google to website,pages indexed in bing and many more.

  18. Hi Jamie, great suggestions.
    But by using number of plugins, its hard to maintain browsing speed.

  19. It can slow things down if you have a slow computer. I’d recommend getting a faster computer your disabling the plugins until you need to use them.

  20. SEO Quake is also good. Is there any other tool like SEO Quake ? Please reply.

  21. An excellent list of tools. Thanks for this. I can certainly see the benefit of using Boomerang and the FLEM url checker will come in very handy for me. The amount of time I’m wasting by cutting and pasting can be so frustrating. ‘LastPass Password Manager’ looks helpful too.
    I actually arrived here looking for a PageRank add-on because my current one stopped working and the ‘PageRank for FireFox’ one you’ve listed looks much better than the one I had previously. Being able to compare the PageRank of open tabs is a nice little bonus because on my old one I had to move to the tab then refresh the page, very annoying so thanks again.

    I love tools that improve productivity.

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