Google Analytics Event Tracking Code Generator

Do you need to track an event on your website that doesn't have a confirmation page? Then onClick event tracking by Google analytics is what you need. It enables you to track anything any your website that requires a click. Just follow the steps below and in a few seconds my Google Analytics event tracking generator will give you the code you need to use. Compatible with Asynchronous and Universal Analytics types of tracking.

Step 1 - Tracking Type

Step 2 - Event Data

Category  - Name for group  of events e.g. "contact".

Action - The action field should be used to describe what happened. For example "quickquote".

Label  This is optional but if you wish to label your actions use this. For example "quickquote a".

Value  This is optional but if you want the event to have a number value associated to it enter it here.

Count As Bounce If Event Occurs?  If a user visits your website and only views one page but an event happens should it be treated as a bounce?

Insert This Code

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Example Implementation

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How To Set Events Up In Google Analytics

Step 1

Login to Google analytics and open the profile you want to setup the event tracking on.

Step 2

Click the admin link within the profile you have chosen.

Step 3

Under the view column click the goals link.

Step 4

Click the + New Goal button.

Step 5

Give the goal a name you will associate the event with.

Step 6

Under the type selection select Event.

Step 7

Enter the category, action, label and value exactly as you have done here.

Step 8

Click create goal and your done!


To test the event is working go to the page where you setup the event. Click on it. Go to Google Analytics real time view and look at the conversions page. If you followed everything correctly you will see the event / conversion you just setup appear.