Hello! Welcome To SEO Weather

Time has come for SEO Weather to hit the World Wide Web! Run by Jamie Knop an SEO from the UK who is passionate about online marketing. The aim of SEO Weather is to provide engaging and helpful content for likeminded folk.

What Will SEO Weather Post On?

SEO Weather will host a range of content all around search engine optimisation. There will be guides, questions answered, case studies and reviews. With each post I aim to give value to my readers, so after they have read an article they can say they took something away from it.

You Answer Questions?

Yes! I will consider answering questions via blogs posts if I think it will be beneficial to other readers as well. You can also suggest case studies for me to perform or guides for me to write. Ask here and I will get back to you.

But I Want To Know More About You?!

Really? Ok then… my names Jamie Knop I was born on the 06/07/1988 which makes me how old…? My interests are online marketing/SEO, photography, football, brewing my own cider and rocking out to music. I have spent several years of my life as a photographer, and several years of my life as an SEO.

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This post was by Jamie Knop

Jamie Knop is an online marketer from Chester, UK. He specializes in SEO through link building and technical analysis. Find out more here.

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