Increase Guest Posts Conversions By Linking Naturally

Guest posting is one of most popular forms of link building techniques at the moment, but some people are ruining their chances of getting accepted by unnaturally linking in their posts. So today we are going to go through some ways to link naturally and increase acceptance rate!

External Links To Your Website

We know and the blogger most probably knows that people guest post for links. How you insert the link/links into the article can effect if your article gets accepted, that is why it is important to insert them naturally. I am going to go through an example of how to link naturally, and how to link unnaturally. The example is based on a company selling iPhone covers.

Unnatural Example
So why is the iPhone cover so popular today?

Natural Example
See for help on picking a cover for your iPhone.

Let’s take a look at “Unnatural Example” and rip it apart… Not only doesn’t the sentence make sense because the word has been forced into the sentence, but there is no mention of what the link is about. Forcing words into sentences doesn’t work, the person reviewing your guest post is first going to check out your links, and if they see a sentence like the above they would simply dismiss your post right off the bat. The second reason why it is unnatural is the fact nowhere around the text does it say what the link is about. It is random and doesn’t serve as any reference or citation. Third reason (you can’t see it) is that it links to the homepage of website selling iPhone covers deemed as an advertising link.

On the contrary as in the “Natural Example” the anchor text fits naturally within the sentence and there is a reference as to what the link is about. On top of this the most important part is the link takes the user to somewhere USEFUL to them. The link takes them to a guide on choosing an iPhone, its not advertising anything directly and is a linkable asset.

External Links To High Authority Websites

Just linking to your own website from a guest post can look unnatural, the best way to solve this is add a link to an authority website or other helpful resource. You can either do this manually or automatically. I do it automatically with a “demo” tool from a service called Zemanta. I won’t mention much about what Zemanta is but it helps bloggers link to useful resources based on their content. A walk through on how to use it is below.

First go to

Delete the text in the box and paste in your article. Click run demo


You’ll see below the box links to helpful resources you can link to, and at the bottom right more under related articles.


Insert the link into your article, done!

Internal Links To Their Website

Linking internally to the bloggers website you are trying to post on is a great way to show that you actually read their website. Not only that, but it helps them with internal linking giving a benefit to them as well as you.

If you want a quick way to find relevant pages you can link to on their website, use some simple search operators in Google e.g. ~keyword related to your article

This will bring back pages from their website that are related to your article that you can link to. Using the tild ~ before the keyword will show other keywords related to your keyword for even more related content.

If you follow these simple steps to linking naturally within your guest posts your conversion rate WILL go up.

This post was by Jamie Knop

Jamie Knop is an online marketer from Chester, UK. He specializes in SEO through link building and technical analysis. Find out more here.

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