ionSearch Conference 2013 Overview + Key Takeaways

Yesterday I got to attend day 1 of ionSearch with Lloyd Greenall thanks to Charlie Roberts. This was my first conference and looking forward to many more after this experience.

Linkdex Workshop @Linkdex

Linkdex looks very interesting, the workshop didn’t go into much of an overview of the product but more of an in depth view of relationships and influencers. Many other people recommended it though. The feature that looks beneficial to me is it will source the most influential people in a niche, pull back metrics and then allow you to outreach reach from within Linkdex. Definitely will be arranging a demo.


Marcus Tandler  @mediadonis


This guy was hilarious and also a great talker. Blasted out over 400 slides in 45minutes, not as boring as you think!

Google code is installed on 75%ish of websites. He believes and so do I that the flow and CTR of clicks on links is a ranking factor. If someone comes to a website where a backlink to your website is, and takes the time to scroll down, then click on your link Google knows this. Surely this is +1 for that website from Google? The same can / should be said for CTR on SERPs. If the website in position 8 is getting a higher CTR than 6th surely it’s a more relevant result for that search, Google has all this data why not use it?

Tool to look out for (not tested as only in German currently)


Nichola Stott @NicholaStott


Nichola also did a funny and informative talk.

When getting to know a client find out what there USP (unique selling point) is. Then in boring niches such as hosting you can create creative content from their USP. e.g. green servers save x $ / year + other environmental content you wouldn’t otherwise have.

If they haven’t got a USP create one. E.g. what Kellogg’s did to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They lazerd 10% of cornflakes in each box with their logo (yes really).


Don’t set link targets, I agree but there needs to be some element of measurement of links in an SEO campaign. Perhaps not on quantity but on quality.


Random Notes

Use Haro a portal for journalists to ask questions they need answers to for their content. Who knows you might get a mention / link. Their free service will send you 3 emails a day with possible opportunities.

Need some data to create an interesting headline article or infographic? Get it yourself with Google surveys.

If your client is recruiting for a job make sure they tell you. This way you can get link ops on University and College job boards.

When building content think of other content people search for you can include on the page e.g. who, what, where, how that is helpful e.g. How long is the flight from New York to London? People will actually search for this and then they may convert. These types of terms are usually easy to rank for and all you have to do is a little on page content.

When building links think to yourself if this was your company would you be happy with link being placed here. Also think to yourself is it going to refer any traffic, this relates to the point above from Marcus Tandler about CTR.

Coming up with creative titles isn’t easy. Look at popular forums in your niche and look at the most popular question threads. Use these create titles, these not only will be great questions but ones many people are looking for the answer for.

Utilise Linkedin for building relationships with editors and blog authors. They have pretty advanced search feature you can use to find these editors / writers an lots of niches.

More info on the conference here.

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  1. Thanks for including my talk in your round-up Jamie. If your readers want to know more, I published my slides here:

  2. Great thanks for sharing your slides 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie, cheers for shouting me the link to your Moz data gatherer on twitter. It’s bob on! Just what I needed – I see here that you attended IonSearch – wish I’d known about you before now, would’ve been cool to have gone for a pint afterwards! IonSearch was a pretty inspiring day, hatsoff Kudos to @BlueClaw @BlueclawSocial – Nichola’s seminar definitely made it worth the price tag! Anyway – I look forward to your future updates and I’ll give your seo toolset another shout out on twitter now.


  4. Hey Ed. Glad it came in handy 🙂 Did you see Marcus Tandlers talk? Both hilarious and helpful hopefully see him speak again soon. Not going the free content marketing show in London this Friday? Cheers Ed!

  5. @Jamie I was gutted actually because I missed out, I went to either Aleysa’s or Martin MacDonalds instead. (cant remember which now) but everyone was coming out of it utterly blown away! I asked Marcus for the slides on twitter, but he kinda said with a wink and a nod of sheer exclusivity that – ‘ it wasn’t that kind of presentation’, i guess you had to be there. Can’t make it to the shindig on fri, im pretty stacked out but hopefully next time! Cheers for now

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