Using SeoTools For Excel For Prospecting

Going through a list of prospects can be daunting task, whether it be for guest posts, infographic posting or any other form of link building. Especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of potential prospects. That's why anything that can make your life easier is a must have. I covered breifly at the bottom of this post on using the BuzzBar from BuzzStream which is life saver when prospecting, but not everyone has BuzzStream perhaps they just don't have the budget. So for you guys and girls here, is the alternative way to prospecting using the SeoTools for Excel plugin.


Download / Install

So you have Excel (I hope) if not go get it.Next you need to install the SeoTools for Excel plugin.

  1. Go here to download.
  2. Follow the intructions on the download page to install

Now your installed and ready to go you should have a new tab appear inside of Excel called "SeoTools".

SeoTools For Excel


So you have your list of sites you potentially want links from, scraped or however you got them! Next its time to prospect them further and get rid of the bad eggs.

I have 6 columns in my Excel doc for this as follows;

URL | PageRank | CitationFlow | TrustFlow | IP | Title

seotools for excel table

Here is how to set up the Excel document (for you lazy people download download it here).

In the URL column enter your URLs you want to prospect.

For PageRank select the cell you want the data in and go to the SeoTool bar and click Offpage > GooglePageRank.


Then a window will appear you need to enter the cell of the URL to get the PageRank.

Click ok and the PageRank will populate in the cell for the URL.

If using Majestic SEOs Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics you'll need click on the Majestic SEO icon in the SeoTools bar and select the two fields "CitationFlow" and "TrustFlow". It is not nessacery to use Majestic as its a paid service to use their API but I like to use it. Then copy and paste your URLs into the URLs field, select the cell where you want the data to go and click insert.

seotools for excel 5

In the IP column enter the formula =ResolveIp(A2) and press enter.

seotools for excel 6

For the title column you need to go back onto the SeoTools toolbar, click Onpage > HtmlTitle.

seotools for excel 7

A window will popup you need to click on the URL cell you want to get the title for.

seotools for excel 8

Next you want double click or drag the bottom right of the cells for PageRank, IP and Title so it populates the column.

seotools for excel 9

Below is what you should end up with.

seotools for excel 10

It's Time To Filter!

Now you have a list of prospects start start filtering them to remove the bad eggs. First off lets filter the PageRank column to get rid of the websites with PageRank equal to or less than 1. *note* before this copy and paste the columns using formulas/SeoTools for Excel otherwise the forumula will recalculate and you will have to wait for it to get through the entire list again. Make sure you paste as text.

To filter the the data go to the Data tab in Excel, select the column headers and click filter. This will add a drop down button next to the column header text.


So lets get rid of all the low quality sites with PageRank of -1, 0 or 1. To do this click on the drop down button next to the header PageRank, uncheck select all and tick the -1, 0 and 1 check boxes. You will notice the data filtering before eyes. Next select all the rows left after the filter and delete them!


Now we have a filtered list of all the websites with some PageRank authority. If you included the CitationFlow and TrustFlow metrics then filter them also and get of any that are 20 or below.

That then leaves us with the IP address and Title columns. To make sure there are no network type links in the list go select the whole of the sheet and under Data to go Remove Duplicates. Click Unselect All then just check the IP box and click ok. This will remove any websites on the same IP address. This step is not 100% required it is up to you.


Next you can quickly review each title in the title column and remove any that don't fit the niche your working with. Then load them all up into Flem a Firefox addon so you can easily go through a list of URL's by going from one to the next for outreach.

SeoTools for Excel is pretty nifty hey?


This post was by Jamie Knop

Jamie Knop is an online marketer from Chester, UK. He specializes in SEO through link building and technical analysis. Find out more here.

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  1. Nice one Jamie,

    I used SEO Tools as well and I think is great resource. It is funny yesterday a colleague was asking me how to prospect several websites without having to look their metrics one by one, and I was about to generate something like the format you just did. Now…

    do you know any way to integrate Domain Authority (From SEOMoz)? I have the API from SEOMoz (in fact it is for free), so I was just wondering if you know any fast/easy way to do this.


  2. Hi Ivan glad it helped your colleague. With regards to integrateing DA into there as well yes its possible just not as straight forward as its not directly built in to SeoTools (yet). Check out the post here on SeoGadgets website, a post by Richard Baxter where he explains how to do what you want.

  3. Great,

    thanks a lot for taking the time! I’ll check it out, integrate in excel and then I might even write a guest post in seoweather = ) Joking

    thanks again!

  4. This will help me so much for link building. Thank you very much!

  5. I use Office 2010 32-bit on Windows 7 Professional. I downloaded both the 3.3.6 and 4.0.7 32-bit versions of SEOTools and used both the On Demand and Permanent methods of install and got the same results for both versions. Excel says that they are not valid Add-Ons. not sure what the problem is.

  6. Strange, your best contacting Neils the developer or posting on the forum for some help about this Dave.

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